Estoy muy interesada en las creaciones artísticas gratuitas que pueden encontrarse en la red y particularmente las creaciones de los fans. En cuanto a estas últimas estoy interesada en diversas cuestiones: las comunidades de fans y las relaciones que se crean dentro de ellas, los trabajos de fans y sus relaciones con los propietarios del copyright; y las posibles diferencias de tratamientos en cuanto al género de los fans. Aquí pueden verse diversos trabajos sobre el tema que he escrito para varias de las asignaturas del máster.
Por otro lado, los productos transmedia me parece que son muy interesantes tanto desde la posición del consumidor como desde la posición de la industria. Estas producciones tienen que hacerse con cuidado, para que exista una coherencia interna. Estos productos son antiguos ya que Doctor Who ya en 1974 comenzó a producir comics e historias paralelas sobre la misma y desde 1965 libros. También se han realizado películas (en las que no existía coherencia con la serie), dramas de radio, producciones para la web, juegos de ordenador, etc.

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Monday, May 22nd, 2017 11:08 am
Daire's Fanfiction Refuge site banner

HL Raven's Nest site banner

Two Highlander fanfic archives, Daire’s Fanfic Refuge and HL Raven’s Nest, are being imported to AO3:
Monday, May 22nd, 2017 06:51 am
The Washington Post’s Matt O'Brien observed that Trump doesn't show any […] ability to distinguish fact from fan fiction when it comes to his policies.

In 'Is burlesque sex work?' for Colorado Springs Independent, Alissa Smith wrote that one performer she intereviewed brings up "nerdlesque" a subset of burlesque that is based in pop culture, a kind of "live fanfiction."

In an Orlando Sentinel review, Dewayne Bevil wrote This is not your father, son or holy ghost’s Bible story. In “Biblical Fan Fiction,” a four-member cast puts a spins on the scriptures.

From BuzzFeed contributor Arianna Rebolini: I Found My Voice As A Writer In Justin Timberlake Fan Fiction.

A Straits Times profile of Ning Cai by John Lui mentioned that, a voracious reader as a child, she became a prolific writer of fan fiction as a teenager on Web forums dedicated to the cult fantasy television series, Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001).

Alien: Covenant, Trudeau/Macron, Harry Styles, Harry Potter, Sonic Forces, Twin Peaks, Ibsen, Fargo, Sherlock Holmes, Carol )

From a promotional blurb on Broadway World for Joy Butler’s The Permission Seekers Guide Through the Legal Jungle Second Edition: [The book] is the resource for anyone clearing rights with new and expanded information on fan fiction, protectable art, writers, filmmaker, musicians, website developers, political and cause marketing, and wiretapping.

According to Michael Harthorne on Newser, some folks are composing fan fiction about Moon's bodyguard, describing him as a "square-jawed serious romantic lead," according to the New York Post.

In 'Al Green Becomes First Congressman to Call for Trump's Impeachment,' Houston Press’s Dianna Wray wrote While Green isn't the first Democrat to talk impeachment — it's been a popular bit of Democrat congressional fan fiction ever since Trump won the election — he was the first to actually call for it on the House floor.

Marissa Meyer told Los Angeles Times’s Tracy Brown I was obsessed with [Sailor Moon] as a teenager, especially the romance between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, for whom I wrote a ton of fan fiction.

In a Guardian review of Andrew Wilson’s A Talent for Murder, Ian Sansom wrote You may perhaps have read those books in which Jane Austen is a detective, or the Brontës come back as ghosts: fan fiction in which a writer’s enthusiasm for their literary hero leads them towards a reimagining of the hero’s life.

Finally, for ThisWeek Community News, Margaret Towery wrote This joyful, engaging kind of reading often leads to greenbelt writing. Informal, ungraded, whimsical entries in a notebook or digital environment are the kinds of scribblings students and adults fill with humor and voice.
Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 10:13 am
 Spotlight on Legal Issues

OTW Legal discusses changes in how ISPs can handle your data
Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 01:15 pm
This Week in Fandom banner by Kat St Pete

This week in fandom: Syfy rebrand, Overwatch shipwars, UK polifandom, and more!
Sunday, May 14th, 2017 10:02 am
Five Things an OTW Volunteer Said

In Five Things, Rebecca reveals the OTW committee that's a haven for word nerds & how it helps AO3 users enjoy the site
Saturday, May 13th, 2017 08:23 pm
For The New Indian Express, Vidya Vijay and Astha Narang noted Bengaluru is one of the many Indian cities riding the the Hallyu Wave. There are online communities promoting this culture -- hosting discussions on Korean pop music and dramas -- and people learning the language and greeting friends with a ‘Anyeounghoseyo’. There are meetups organised at Korean restaurants, groups that follow the fashion of Korean idols and readers who track fan fiction religiously.

For Publishers Weekly, Sue Corbett quoted St. Martin’s Press editor Sylvan Creekmore: Part of fandom and fan fiction and fan culture is taking something from a story that spoke to you and making it your own, and that’s incredibly potent in communities that feel underrepresented in popular culture.”

Batman, Star Wars, Check Please, Bros, One Direction )

The Washington Post’s Rachel Podnar asked Who’s here for Justin Trudeau/Emmanuel Macron fan fiction?

Author Adam Silvera told MTV’s Marisa Kanter I was writing Harry Potter fan fiction and Charmed fan fiction and Supernatural fan fiction as a kid. I mean, those were the stories that I was obsessed with.

For reasons I couldn’t be bothered to figure out, CNET’s Ben Fox Rubin wondered Can the US Army's sci-fi fan fic save us from a dark future?

Finally, for NewStatesman, Eleanor Margolis mused are we so hungry for lesbian visibility that we’re looking to K-pop fanfiction to tide us over until the new season of Orange Is the New Black is released?
Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 12:27 pm
This Week in Fandom banner by James Baxter

This week in Fandom: JK Rowling apologizes for killing Snape, how to spot fake news in fandom, and more!